Q1) Why am I doing this?
A1) My aim is to inform and warn people of what can actually happen when you get careless, silly or being dangerous behind the wheel (of a car, bike, lorry, etc) without thinking of what will happen afterward. At the end of the day, the purpose of this is not to insult or embarrass the drivers, this is just an general eye openers of what would happen and the outcome of it.

Q2) What camera system are you using?
A2) MiniDVR HD with HD bullet camera

Q3) How is it mounted?
A3) Using a windscreen mount with a clip to hold the camera in place

Q4) How is it powered?
A4) Using the power from the cig socket

Q5) Where did you get it from?
A5) I got it from Dogcamsport. Want to buy something from them? Use the Promotional Code of HTDC05, you will get 10% discount from the price.

Q6) The video quality is a bit crap. When will you go HD?
A6) I am hoping to upgrade to HD in the next few months which will give you pure pleasure of viewing it in better quality. But for now, what matters is you can SEE what is happening. Now has gone HD – just got the MiniDVR HD system! I hope you enjoy the upgrade. :D

Q7) OMG! You went round the corner TOO fast!
A7) Due to the nature of the bullet camera, it appears that if I went round a corner, it seems that I was going a bit fast, but it’s actually much lower speed. This is because of the “curve” on the left & right side where it is distorted a bit.

Q8) OMG! You’re driving TOO fast!
A8) As above, due to the nature of the bullet camera, if I drive on a narrow road, with some objects close by, everything appears faster when in fact I’m driving as per to the speed limit. On open road, it looks normal. Can anyone explain why this happens? Is it due to the len’s width or something else?

Q9) Where are the videos of you making mistakes/bad drivings?
A9) I do post my mistakes now and then – do a search for them.

Q10) These cyclists do not pay road tax! Get them off the roads!
A10) Actually, you’re confused with the terms of “Road Tax” – it does not exists at all. Confused? All are explained in this post

Q11) Where do you usually capture this?
A11) I usually capture this around Norfolk/East Anglia, but can be anywhere in the UK if we are going on our travels or driving holiday. Maybe Europe one day!

Q12) I like your header logo. Did you make it yourself?
A12) Yes, I made it myself using the logos which was sourced via creative common.

Q13) Wait, what about the privacy of the car’s registration details, the people’s faces and everything else? And are you allowed to film in public places?
A13) Good questions and I can answer you these questions. As all videos are filmed on the public roads within the United Kingdom which means these recordings are exempt from the Data Protection Act under Section 36. The information commissioner has confirmed that recording for personal purposes on the road is perfectly fine and that uploading footage to websites like YouTube is fine, even if it includes faces, (which mine won’t), or VRNs (Vehicle Registration Number). The information commissioner also confirmed that this is not breaking any part of the Data Protection Act.

Additionally, this guidelines is quoted from the Police – “Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places and police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel.”

However I do blur faces/number plates now and then if I feel there will be a risk to their privacy.

Q14) I have some further questions. Where do I ask/How do I contact you?
A14) Feel free to send me a message via YouTube and I will answer your question. :)