The so called “Road Tax” in UK (fact: it does not exists)

Looking at my videos, usually cyclists related, I have seen more and more people saying “You don’t pay road tax therefore you have no rights to use the roads!” has shown me how uneducated these people are. So I thought I’d make this post to educate you.

There is NO such as “Road Tax” and have not been around since 1937 where Sir Winston Churchill got rid of it. ALL of the roads including the maintenance of the roads are paid for out of general taxation, which is paid by motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other people who does not own a car or a bike. The General Taxation are as follows:

* Income Tax
* Council Tax
* National Insurance
* Fuel duty
* Insurance Premium Tax

In other words, ALL tax payers contributed to this and not just motorists.

As motorists, what you are paying is “VED Tax” (Vehicle Excise Duty) and is linked to a car’s emissions. The more emissions your car generates, the higher/more VED tax you pay. In case you say “Well, then we pay VED tax therefore we got more rights to use the roads and the money repairs the road!”

Actually, I have two answers in response to this…

1) This money does not go back into maintaining the roads (see my 2nd paragraphs above), and does not give motorists any greater right than cyclists to use the roads. The use of the public highway is free to all under English common law. The VED money just goes into the Gov’s pocket which will be used elsewhere.

2) Even if you still think “Hey, we still pay more VED tax than you!” consider this… the following cars pays £0 VED tax:

* AUDI 1.9 e TDI 105PS
* Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI 105 Bluemotion 5dr
* Mini Cooper 1.6
* MINI Cooper D Hatchback 1.6
* BMW 320d Touring 2.0

all because it generates very little emissions therefore they meets the £0 VED tax. And since a bike creates totally 0% emissions, they pay £0 VED tax.

In other words… cyclists are in the same VED tax band group as these cars above. Which means it’s totally pointless for cyclists to pay VED tax when it’s £0! So you cannot really use these arguments and/or excuses just to shout at the cyclists for not paying tax at all.

All clear? OK, history lesson’s over! :)

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