Tony’s Dashcam – How to Overtake Group of Cyclists Safely #212

A video showing you how to overtake a group of cyclists safely. I have noticed a few people on the Internet, asking how to overtake a group of cyclists safely on a narrow & windy road. So I thought I’d post this video when I came across them on the other day, so this is a useful & educational video. :) I’m pretty sure some of you will ask “why don’t you overtake them on the hatching lines?” – be aware that you will need to give them lots of space when overtaking as per to Highway Code 163 (look at the picture, it’s useful) – with this road, it’s too narrow, the traffic passing and pinch points now and then – it’s not worth it anyway. Read the FAQ – Like Tony’s Dashcam Video on Facebook – Follow Tony’s Dashcam Video on Twitter –

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