Tony’s Dashcam – Mini Road Rage at the Roundabout #183

This brings back memories of what happened to me (see Dashcam #80) and this is like “3rd person view” to see what actually happened to me. But this comes with something different… mini road rage! The BMW driver was so annoyed that the blue car pushed in without indicating, with both of them using lots of horn beeping and the BMW driver revved hard to block it but failed and tailgates so close before breaking away. Seems this specific roundabout is troublesome… it won’t be the first time and it won’t be the last time. It will happen again in the future. And again… ======================================= As always, almost all of your questions can be found on my FAQ page – Camera used: MiniDVR HD – Use the Promotional Code of HTDC05, you will get 10% off from the price.

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