Tony’s Dashcam – CRAZY! Van drives at me! #169

Please read description first before commenting… I am not sure if what I did was right or not. We waited until there is a gap. The van was further away when we moved. As we did it, the van saw us overtaking the parked cars – he moved toward us faster (I assume on purpose). Then the van moved closer to the middle of the road during our overtaking. As we got to the end of overtaking the parked cars and moving back to our lane, the van was almost THAT CLOSE of hitting my car, only to move away (you can see him turning the steering wheel if viewing in full screen) to avoid hitting my car. I also had to move out of the way very quickly too as shown in the video. What was the point of that? Did I do anything wrong? Is it a case of “Mine is bigger than you, get out of my way”? Or just generally being stupid white van man attitude? Please share your thoughts and of course no trolling comments please – they will be removed! As always, almost all of your questions can be found on my FAQ page – Camera used: MiniDVR HD – Use the Promotional Code of HTDC05, you will get 10% off from the price. :)

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