Tony’s Dashcam – Silly Mistake of Mine in Brighton #100

Do not click on “Show More” button until you figured out what mistake I have made. :) To celebrate my 100th Dashcam video, here’s a video of my mistake… sorry for this video to be a bit longer than usual but only once for this! :D Back in May 2011, we visited Brighton however we got lost and with my sat nav not working so we drove around, trying to find a way out. But I made a big mistake of not looking at the obvious road signs because we was distracted with looking around for the road names. Hopefully people who knows (Hello Sven!) or living in Brighton will already know what mistake I have made before they read this description. Yes, I drove through the bus lane. Yes, there is a Bus Lane Camera warnings around these lane. No, I did not receive anything in the post (phew!!!)

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